Wednesday, July 13, 2005

NHL's Back!

With the return of the NHL, there's another sport I can barely write about. Hopefully, they'll improve the game by eliminating the middle line, enforcing obstruction penalties, and signing Sumo Wrestlers to play goalie.

One note on the above picture. Did Grady Little come up with the three mediums and one skinny lineup for the yellow team? Notice one yellow is lying on his back. Medium players are pointless. The three bigs one skinny is clearly the best lineup. I think I discussed this the last time I wrote about hockey.

It's good to see Sweden winning.

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Patriotsy2k said...

Yeah, you would need the skinny guy to puck handle and take faceoffs. The big guys could pack a wicked slapshot.
I believe you had this picture before, earlier this year, and I mentioned to you how I used to play Flores for $ with this game. Ahhhh...the good ole days.