Saturday, July 30, 2005

Trading Manny?

I go away for a few days and when I get back everybody wants to trade Manny -- and the Red Sox might do it!

Manny told the Sox he wanted to be traded because he doesn't get any privacy in Boston (guess I should stop giving him those base running tips). Manny's timing couldn't have been worse. As this story was coming out he refused to rescind a planned day off despite an unexpected shortage of outfielders caused by the injury of Trot Nixon. Combine this selfishness with not running out a groundball in the tenth inning and you get some very angry fans, writers, and sports radio hosts.

Some are so angry that their brains stops functioning correctly, saying foolish things like, "just get rid of him." If the Red Sox do trade him they better get more than Aubrey Huff and Mike Cameron. It is very frustrating to see Manny do some of the things he does -- especially when he poses in the batters box after hitting a single. However, he's too good of a hitter to just give away.

For the Red Sox to have success in the playoffs this year they'll need to outslug their opponents. Don't expect much from their starters and bullpen. The Red Sox will find it much more difficult to outslug other teams without one of the best hitters in baseball in their lineup.

As for the rumored deal with the Devil Rays and Mets -- don't trade with these teams. Trading for a Devil Ray is like an NBA team trading for a WNBA player. As for the Mets, it's okay to try to get one of their prospects, but do not trade for a Mets veteran. Shea Stadium is where veteran players go to watch their skills decline.


The Godfather said...

If this trade goes through, I am going to give my analysis.
For the Devil Rays, give up Huff and baez and egt 4 prospects in return. The names I have heard are pretty good prospects. It would be great for them.
The Mets, give up Cameron and two high level prospcets for Manny and Baez. They need a bat and bullpen help. I love this trade for the Mets. They pick up salary (which they can afford). Another thing to consider is that Piazza is gone next year. Manny gets more money than Piazza but it is at least somewhat comparable.
Red Sox. This ruins any chance of them winning it all this year. This would clearly be a salary dump. This trade makes no sense except it may be their last chance to get rid of this contract. Once the season ends, the 10-5 rule kicks in for Manny and he can veto any trade. This is a bad deal for the Sox but if they want to get rid of Manny, this is their chance. The onyl positive is that Cameron plays RF this year if Trot is done for the year. Cameron then plays CF next year when Daman walks.

If the trade happens (which I don't think it will), it leaves the question of what to do with Cliff Floyd. Diaz probably comes up to play RF. Floyd would ahve to be dealt.

Patriotsy2k said...

Sorry Godfather, looks like this is not going to happen. You are rightabout how this would greatly help the Mets, and would hurt the Sox a lot. Good point about the 10-5 rule, which would mkae it a lot harder to deal him.
Hope the Sox make a good trade today, one like last season, and one that does not bring in a Brady Anderson or a Larry Anderson.