Thursday, July 21, 2005

On Vacation

Starting tomorrow I'll be traversing the continent with some fine ladies (going to the White Mountains and then Cape Cod with my nieces). I might be able to squeeze one or two posts, but don't expect much for the next week.

To prepare for my absence, I'll write some opinions about what will happen in the upcoming week:
  • Baseball should be ashamed of how another umpiring crew blew a call and then instigated and inflamed an argument.
  • Lance Armstrong is really really good.
  • T.O. is a jerk.
  • The Jets gave too much money to Ty Law.
  • That training camp injury will really hurt that NFL team.
  • What was Manny thinking?
  • Too many NBA teams paid too much money to too many players.
  • Joe Johnson does not deserve a max-contract. Aren't those reserved for the stars of the league like Shaq and Duncan? Johnson was the third best player on his team.
  • A.J. Burnett is not worth what the Orioles/Yankees/Red Sox gave up for him.
  • What the hell happened to Mike Lowell, Jack McKeon, and the Marlins?
  • Shouldn't NBA fans be nervous that the collective bargaining agreement still isn't complete?
Hopefully I covered everything. While I'm gone, I'd love it if an "informed person" could e-mail me some sort of NFL preview. It will be nice to write about something other than Manny pissing in the Green Monster and Joe Torre picking his nose.

There won't be a Guess the Athlete next week, but Patriotsy2k, feel free to make a random guess to keep your incorrect streak going.


The Godfather said...

white mountains and the cape. two of my favorite getaway destinations.
enjoy Bartcop. I'll keep patsy2k in line while you're gone.

Patriotsy2k said...

white mountains, and then the cape?? Those aren't exactly close to one another. I hope you will tell us all about your road trip when you come back. Don't forget to steal a bus and then stop by an all-black fraternity house.