Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Peyton Manning beats the Patriots

(In the ESPY's)

The category was Best Record Breaking Performance. The Pats' 21 game winning streak was up against Manning's touchdowns in a season record along with some others. While Manning was giving his victorious acceptance speech, Belichick was in the audience politely clapping ... with his three Super Bowl rings on.


Patriotsy2k said...

Bartcop/Alan, even you got to admit Peyton deserved this. I mean, Boston already got best team, best coach, and also best championship performance with Shilling. All in all, a good nite...even if it was tape delayed 1 week. That explains why Schilling was there, which reminds me.....the random TV coverage of the "who's on 1st" barroom celebration had to be fake also. Boston may have diehard sports fans, but even we have our limits.

The Godfather said...

Boston has many diehard sports fans, as do every other city in the country. There are also many Boston "fair weather" fans. Look at how the teams draw when they are having losing season. I would say the Red Sox are the only Boston team that has a consistent fan base.
The "Who's on 1st" reference brought back some memories. The coverage was actually at Game On (or whatever it is called).
As far as who deserved best record breaking performance, it is a tough call. Both Manning at the pats were unbelieveable feats. The only argument I have against the pats was that it was a 2 year performance (meaning THIS YEAR's ESPY really was only a handful of games).

Patriotsy2k said...

yeah, godfather, most of the won games were from the '03 season. Also you are right about the "Game on!" reference. I don't know why I wrote "Who's on 1st". Were those Bentley memories?