Tuesday, September 20, 2005

0-2 Panic?

The 2001 Patriots proved that an 0-2 record doesn't mean your season's over. Here's the winless teams in the NFL. Should they be thinking about the playoffs or a high draft pick?

Green Bay: Favre looks old, their best receiver is out for the season, and Mike Sherman is their coach. Green Bay fans should start looking for Mel Kiper articles. One positive, they get to play the Vikings twice.

Minnesota: Culpepper can't be this bad? Mike Tice is that bad. There's some talent on this team, so I'd say look for a season of mediocrity (about 8-8)

Arizona: Come on it's the Cardinals! The only question is how will they screw up next year's high draft pick.

Baltimore: As usual the defense will win some games, but with their quarterback situation the Ravens are looking at an 8-8 record.

Houston: Just terrible. Houston fans, stick with the Astros and Rockets, or even the Comets.

Oakland: Not a big Norv Turner fan, but I think this team has the talent to turn things around. They gave the Chiefs a tough time, and I don't see any other powers in the AFC West.

San Diego: Let the quarterback controversy begin. They should have traded Brees in the offseason; his value will never be as high again. With Gates and Tomlinson they can get back into the playoff race.

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