Monday, September 19, 2005

Redskins comeback

I was all set to write about how Parcells is such a good coach for Bledsoe and how the Cowboys might have deserved the preseason hype they received. Then on 3rd and 27, Mark Brunell of the 90's showed up scrambling for 25 yards, making clutch 4th down throws, and throwing two perfect bombs to Santana Moss.

As for Dallas, Aaron Glenn has to at least put a hand on the speedster Moss. Roy Williams can't let Moss get by him in that situation, and then let it happen again. Also, Bledsoe brought nothing in the fourth, but I wouldn't blame him for the loss.

As for Madden and the ABC crew. First they post a statistic saying that Parcells is 77-0 when his team is leading by at least 13 points in the fourth. Then, they show a montage of Roy Williams' highlights, and Madden gushes about how wonderful he is. Roy Williams then gets burnt twice and Parcells doesn't run Julius Jones enough to close the game.

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Patriotsy2k said...

What happpened to the Cowboys in the last 3:35 of the game was kind of like what happened to those twins at that European club in "EuroTrip". It was hard to watch and stomach turning.
Parcells, to his credit, did remain composed during the postgame conference. I was hoping to watch him do his classic blow-up or antagonistic comments towards the press, like he did so often in New England.