Saturday, September 17, 2005

College football gambling advice from someone who doesn't gamble or watch much college football

Florida State's playing BC tonight at 7:45, and I think FSU is favored by a point. You can call me a homer (even though I couldn't care less about BC), but I'm putting everything on BC. I haven't watched a BC game in over a year, but I hear that they're playing well and defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka may be a top ten pick (maybe he'll turn out to be as good as Mike Mamula).

FSU looked terrible against Miami. The only strength I could see out of FSU was their pass rush. BC always turns out good NFL offensive linemen, so I figure they'll have some god players this year to alleviate FSU's defensive attack. As for BC facing an athletic FSU team: BC does have experience playing Miami, so playing against fast Florida athletes won't be a complete shock to them.

Not convinced by my vague arguments yet? BC is playing at home. FSU has never played in Boston, and it will be 60 degrees and raining. Also Tom O'Brien seems to be a good coach and Bobby Bowden might be coming down with a case of JoePaternoitis.

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