Tuesday, September 20, 2005

2-0 jubilation?

Winning the first two games puts you on top of all those stupid power rankings, but several 2-0 teams have gone on to have terrible seasons. How excited should fans be about the following 2-0 teams?

New York Giants: You may have noticed I have a bit of an anti New York bias. Their "road game" against the Saints just completely pissed me off. Giving the Giants an extra home game was completely unfair to the rest of the NFC. They've looked good lately, and I respect Tiki Barber, but the Redskin's, Eagles', and Cowboy's defenses will give Eli fits. They probably don't make the playoffs.

Washington: Their defense has looked good and their offense has looked good for half of a quarter. Can you picture Brunell taking a team to the playoffs?

Tampa Bay: I'm on the bandwagon. Gruden can coach and Cadillac Williams has looked great.

Cincinnati: Palmer and his receivers can do a lot of damage and Rudi Johnson is an underrated back. They'll make the playoffs.

Pittsburgh: They haven't had the best competition yet, but they've looked very good. As long as they can keep up the running game, the Steelers will be a scary team. I'm not sure how they'll recover from their loss to the Patriots next weekend though.

Indianapolis: They have a defense and the usual offense. They'll have a great season, but it won't mean anything of Manning chokes in the playoffs again.

Kansas City: Wonderful offense and an improved defense, but they've already had some bad injuries. With their running attack, they'll scare teams into the playoffs.

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