Monday, September 19, 2005

NFL quick thoughts

  • Fantasy owners of Daunte Culpepper may be considering retirement.
  • Let's not get too carried away attributing the Vikings struggles just to Randy Moss's departure. The Vikings also lost their offensive coordinator and their best offensive lineman. Mike Tice is also their coach.
  • Moss hasn't given the Raiders any wins either so far.
  • I did my Patriot overreaction yesterday, but I'm worried they miss Charlie Weis. Weis was a disciplinarian in practice, so maybe he would have prevented some of those stupid penalties and drops. Yesterday's play calling wasn't good either. Charlie would have called some screens.
  • I was going to mention how Curtis Martin continues to amaze, but now he's having an MRI. That means more of those Pennington passes!
  • Green Bay 0-2. Kris from Key West left just in time.
  • Romeo got his first win with Braylon Edwards looking good. Don't get too carried away;they only beat the Packers.
  • The Steelers beat the Texans. In a related story, I beat my five-year old niece in tic-tac-toe.
  • The Texans took David Carr with the overall number one pick in 2002. The Bengals took Carson Palmer with the overall number one pick in 2003. Timing is everything.
  • Palmer will be considered a top 5 quarterback very soon.
  • The Colts' defense is winning games? That is bad news for the rest of the league, but the Colts' defense gets too much blame for playoff struggles over the last few years. Look at the playoff losses the Colts had against the Jets and Pats. It was Superman Peyton Manning's fault they lost those games, not the defense's.
  • Is Brian Billick still an offensive genius?
  • With that commercial where that guy sky dives to his car, they say that you should not try this at home. But how else do you get to your car if your home is on top of a mountain too steep for cars?

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