Sunday, September 18, 2005

My post game overreaction

  • When the Pats lost to the Steelers last year, they were outplayed by a team who was better than them for that day. This wasn't the case in the Carolina game.
  • So many stupid penalties, so many dropped passes and dropped interceptions, and a bunch of terrible passes by Tom Brady. The Pats lost this game; don't get too carried away if you're a Panthers fan.
  • The following post are not excuses for the Pats' loss. They deserved to lose.
  • Carolina is a dirty team. The announcers kept saying "tough," and they do play tough, but cheap shotting Troy Brown on the sideline is not "tough;" it's dirty.
  • Yes, Rodney Harrison is a dirty player too.
  • The refs of this game must have Stephen Davis on their fantasy team. If the ball crosses the goal line it is a touchdown, but I thought the ball had to at least be in the player's hands. Davis also had a possible second half fumble, but a ref with a quick whistle saved him.
  • Where was that quick whistle when Ben Watson fumbled?
  • Speaking of fantasy sports, CBS shouldn't let Dan Dierdorf and Dick Enberg embarrass themselves talking about the subject. After the first half Dierdorf said that fantasy owners must be disappointed because Davis had only about 30 yards rushing. He had 2 touchdowns in the first half! Touchdowns are how you get points! The refs weren't disappointed with Davis's first half.
  • Enberg needs to stick with tennis and Deirdorf needs to stick with the golf course.
  • Only one player on Carolina impressed me -- the kicker, John Kasey who had two field goals over 50 yards.
  • Why does Ricky Proehl turn into Jerry Rice every time he plays the Pats?
  • And the Red Sox are getting blown out too! Maybe I'll watch the Food Network.

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