Thursday, September 15, 2005

My MVP votes

American League: David Ortiz The Red Sox have won because of their hitting this year and Ortiz has been the steady core of the lineup. All of his recent clutch homeruns put him over the top. If A-Rod leads the Yankees past the Red Sox in the next few weeks, my vote would change.

National League: Andruw Jones Gold Glove Fielder, over 50 homeruns, surrounded by a bunch of rookies.


Patriotsy2k said...

I agree with Alfredo 100% on both leagues. Tell me a better clutch player than Ortiz, and give me a better all-around player this year than Andruw Jones. Pujols is still great, and he'll win an MVP one day - if he hasn't already.
Alan, one reason that people aren't responding to your posts lately might be cause of this word verification. Man, is that annoying..

Alan said...

I like your reason better than the thought that no one but you is visiting the site. The word verication is there because the spam postings were so annoying.