Friday, September 09, 2005

Answer to Guess the Athlete!

It's Bill Fralic, the second pick of the 1985 draft. I don't think the Bills are kicking themselves too much for drafting Bruce Smith instead of Jerry Rice, but some other teams can't be happy with their picks.

Here's the top 16 picks of the draft:

1 Buffalo Bills Bruce Smith DE 06/18/1963 Virginia Tech
2 Atlanta Falcons Bill Fralic OG 10/31/1962 Pittsburgh
3 Houston Oilers Ray Childress DT 10/20/1962 Texas A&M
4 Minnesota Vikings Chris Doleman DE 10/16/1961 Pittsburgh
5 Indianapolis Colts Duane Bickett LB 12/01/1962 Southern California
6 Detroit Lions Lomas Brown OT 03/30/1963 Florida
7 Green Bay Packers Ken Ruettgers OT 08/20/1962 Southern California
8 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Ron Holmes DE 08/26/1963 Washington
9 Philadelphia Eagles Kevin Allen OT 06/21/1963 Indiana
10 New York Jets Al Toon WR 04/30/1963 Wisconsin
11 Houston Oilers Richard Johnson DB 09/16/1963 Wisconsin
12 San Diego Chargers Jim Lachey OT 06/04/1963 Ohio State
13 Cincinnati Bengals Eddie Brown WR 12/18/1962 Miami
14 Buffalo Bills Derrick Burroughs DB 05/18/1962 Memphis
15 Kansas City Chiefs Ethan Horton TE 12/19/1962 North Carolina
16 San Francisco 49ers Jerry Rice WR 10/13/1962 Mississippi Valley State

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