Sunday, September 11, 2005

The return of NFL quick thoughts!

  • How does Mike Martz still have a job?
  • Ty Law gets an interception and the Jets get blown out. Perfect.
  • Broncos lose to the Dolphins. If Mike Shanahan retired with Elway, some people would still call him a genius.
  • Two touchdowns for rookie Alex Smith! He really was worth the number one pick! He's a Tampa Bay tight end who was drafted in the third round? Nevermind.
  • So is Ray Lewis gonna hire a hit on Kyle Boller or Matt Stover?
  • Impressive win for Drew Bledsoe, but I think that Burger King mascot is in his head.
  • Was that the same Larry Johnson who had to take his diapers off? He looks like a new man.
  • Why I don't gamble and why I avoid making predictions on this site: I thought the Steelers would struggle with Bettis and Staley out.
  • But I'm not always wrong: Green Bay lost (I've been saying they'd struggle) and Mike Williams caught a touchdown pass (I defended the Lions' controversial pick of Williams).
  • The Colts are up 24-0 with 90 seconds left, so Manning tries to throw a 40 yard pass. Dungy must have Manning on his fantasy team too.
  • For those of you sad about the Patriots not playing on Sunday, at least you had their commercials. My grades:
    • Troy Brown Dunkin' Donuts: B+ (great acting, pretty good idea, but not as good as Brown's classic United Way "I got Bingo!" commercial),
    • Tom Brady and O-Line Visa: C+ (great idea, some wasted opportunities.)
    • Generic Patriots Coors Lite snow train: F (corny. Fans being overheated in Foxboro isn't the first thing that comes to mind. Don't think this commercial will make much sense in December)
    • Diet Pepsi Machine with real Patriots: D (I didn't give it an F because they tried to be creative, but it just didn't work).

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Patriotsy2k said...

That Troy Brown Dunkin Donut commercial might only have been up North. That Bingo commercial was classic. We need Bill to do a commercial. Hell, even Romeo is on the Cleveland networks.....well, at least on the Cleveland Indian telecast. He is driving a tractor in some fast food commercial.