Thursday, September 08, 2005

"It couldn't have been more fun to lose"

That's what I said after playing Strip Twister with the Bush twins. James Blake happened to say the same thing after losing to Andre Agassi in a thrilling five set match.

Hopefully James Blake builds off of this tournament and goes on to more success next year. As for Agassi: this isn't a good time to admit it, but I'm not a big Agassi fan for a few reasons. His hype came before his success, he wasted his amazing talent early in his career, and when things aren't going well for him on the court he turns into a baby.

That all said, I don't hate Agassi and I admire him for what he's done at the end of his career. If you want to beat Agassi, you better do it less than five sets because not many people are in better shape than him or as mentally tough. A veteran like Agassi is supposed to be mentally tough, but he's not supposed to be in better shape than guys 10 years younger than him. The fact that Agassi has worked to get himself in better shape than his opponents is the most admirable thing about him.

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