Monday, December 12, 2005

The Bills are really, really bad, but...

I'm excited about the Patriots again. They have a run defense, they have a pass rush, they have a healthy Corey Dillon, they have a healthy Kevin Faulk, and they have a healthy David Givens. It's amazing how much those three add to the offense. Bring on the Colts!

Some other thoughts
  • Ideal scenario: the Colts go 16-0, destroy their first round opponent, and then get shut out by the Patriots in the AFC Championship game.
  • Last week I thought the Jets were really bad, and then I saw how much worse the Bills were, and then I found out the Raiders lost to the really bad Jets. Bad teams are everywhere.
  • Speaking of bad teams, did the Texans kicker miss on purpose?
  • Maybe the refs of the Detroit, Green Bay game were Lion fans who wanted the Lions to get Reggie Bush. That's the only way I can explain the bizarre calls that went against the Lions.
  • The Steelers beating the Bears shows how the NFC is the junior varsity league.
  • Good news! Michael Irvin is back on ESPN. This touching moment reminds me of when Letterman return after his bypass surgery.


The Godfather said...

First, the Jets are really, really bad. They are much worse than the Bills and I resent the fact that you think otherwise. How bad are the Raiders though?
The Pats are good at beating the teams they have to beat, teams with losing records. The fcat is that they struggle against teams with winning records. To get back to the Super Bowl, they will most likely have to win at Denver and at Indy. If they pull that off, then they deserve the chance at a 3 peat.

Alan said...

The good news is the Pats dominated the Bills and earlier this year they struggled against them. They've lost to the good teams, but despite their poor competition I believe the Pats are better than they were earler in the season.

Patriotsy2k said...

Alan, I hope the Colts go 16-0 also, mostly to shut up those Dol-fans who still celebrate the 1972 season. Yet if the Pats beat the Jaguars in the 1st round, which looks very likely, they play at Indy in the divisionals. Even if they somehow win that, then it's onto Denver/Cinn/KC. Very difficult road and not likely to 3-repeat.
One note about the Dolphins. I love the fact they won, and still have some fans beleiving in a playoff spot. All they are doing is hurting their draft process. They have gone from a 10 or 11 pick to now middle of the pack. If they win again against NYJ, it keeps on rising...I love it.

Bryan said...

Is it me, or does it seem a heckuva lot harder to go undefeated in 2005 than 1972? Here we go...
1. More teams
2. Scheduling for parity
3. The obvious two more games
4. More complex offenses and defenses
5. Better athletes
6. More pressure due to more exposure

That's just six, I'm sure there are more, and probably better to go more into detail about each one. I am sure there is a list that has all the reasons why the '72 Dolphins should go away, but I haven't seen one. Those were off the top of my head.
I would appreciate it if anybody could link me an actual article that has something like that