Sunday, December 18, 2005

Boxing controversy?

7 footer Nikolay Valuev beat John Ruiz by decision, but the fun started after the fight with your usual boxing shenanigans.


The Godfather said...

I didn't see the fight, nor did I wish to, but how can the Globe say it had the fight scored easily for Ruiz and 2 judges had it for The Russian and the other had ot tied.
This is why I hate boxing. I remember watching a fight (it may have been Ruiz/Holyfield?. I know Holyfield was involved). It was so clear that Holyfield lost and lost bad, but the decision came unaminous for Holyfield.
Then 2 months ago, I went out to watch the Jones Jr./Tarver fight (it was $50 PPV, buty I saw it at a Sports bar) and I don't even know if Jones threw 50 punches that he actually thought might land.
I listen to the older generation talk about boxing and we have no fighters of that kind today. Jones Jr. was good but he wanted the money and beefed up into larger weight classes that he could not handle. Lennox Lewis was probably the best fighter I have seen in this era, but he is retired.

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