Sunday, December 11, 2005

You guessed it, more baseball

  • And the Clemens to Boston rumors begin. "''Here I am, still pitching," Clemens said in October. ''Debbie and I were looking forward to the day where we could just go up to my old neighborhood [Framingham] and just hang out with some of our friends up there..." Framingham was the home to Patriotsy2k before he ran away from the snow and to the Godfather before he moved into Boston to be closer to his Yards. Roger, Framingham isn't the same since your neighbors left.
  • Tejada's trade request made Peter Angelos feisty: ''He has only been here two years, so I don't know what he's talking about," Angelos said. ''We're not spending $50 million on a closer who's been a closer for only one year and $55 million for a guy who hasn't won more than 12 games in a year. If that's what his criticism is based on, it just shows he wouldn't be a great general manager."
  • Mike Myers looks like a good addition to the Yankees bullpen. The real test will be when he's facing David Ortiz in the eighth inning with the score tied and a runner base.
  • Grady Little is a terrible manager, but he gets good press because he's good with the media. I liked his response about the Dodger's team chemistry: ''My chemistry with my wife would be bad if we lost 91 games."
  • From Tony Massarotti of the Boston Herald: "The Texas Rangers? They are still paying an annual average of $10.1 million to Rodriguez, this yearÂ’s American League Most Valuable Player - for the New York Yankees. The Phillies? Sending Thome to Chicago was possible only because they also will pay $22 million in the deal. And while the Mets assumed all of the Delgado contract in yet another salary dump by the Florida Marlins, let the record show that Florida still is paying $23.5 million to Hampton who never pitched a game for them."
  • I can't get over the above paragraph. The Rangers paying $10 million a year to watch him play for the Yankees? And what did they get in return? And join the rest of Florida by forgetting about the inept Marlins; the Braves basically have Mike Hampton for free and now they have Renteria at a big discount. Smart team.
  • From Ken Davidoff of Newsday: "...the Yankees don't have good enough prospects to acquire centerfielder Joey Gathright, closer Danys Baez or anyone else."
  • The Yankees don't have good enough prospects to trade for Devil Rays? Let's keep saying Brian Cashman's a good GM.
  • The Pirates and Dodgers are fighting over Billy Mueller. Nice to see a player like him get a good contract.
  • The Mets signed 47-year-old Julio Franco to a two year contract. If the Braves did this, I'd trust the move, but it's the Mets. Franco wants to play into his 50's. I'll be rooting for him.
  • In addition to Clemens, there's rumors that Theo may come back to the Red Sox too. Let's bring back Nomar too! Maybe Kris from Key West will return too!

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Patriotsy2k said...

Yeah,where is Kris from Key West? He wrote that goodbye post, and hasn't returned back from his sojourn. Maybe he joined the Peace Corps.
I think there's a better chance of S Florida getting snow, than of the Rocket coming back to the Sox. Wonder what will become of Nomar, also.