Thursday, December 22, 2005

So Captain Caveman's a Yankee now

Written by Patriotsy2k

When I think of Johnny Damon leaving the Sox, I
immediately think of 2 moments. That game in Tampa
this past season when he made an amazing catch to
save the Sox in the 9th, then let off the 10th with
a homer to win it. Then I think of a home game in
late August against Detroit when he fielded a base
hit and barely got the ball back to the infield,
with the runner easily scoring from 2nd.

Is his shoulder still damaged? Is he going to get
clutch hits in NY like he did for the Sox (remember
game 7 of the ALCS?)? Will he fit in with the
straight-laced Yankees? Biggest question yet - how
will the Sox make up for this loss? Gammons on
SportsCenter today mentioned that this is a bigger
loss for the Sox than a bigger gain for the Yankees.
I agree with this. Take away the Beckett trade, and
this has been a lousy offseason. Starting on Halloween
night, up until today, there is cause for concern.
I like Loretta, yet there are now too many holes.

Think back to the 2003 offseason. Theo was able to
sign Walker, Millar, Mueller, and Ortiz. They all
contributed greatly, and 3 of them lasted through the
'05 season. Now the Sox new GM tandem need to have the
same success with free agents, or the whining you heard
today is going to continue all of 2006.


The Godfather said...

I have a lot to say on this issue. One problem that the Boston fans are having is that they have no idea what direction their managment is going in. I have to say that I agree with the fans on this one (it is not often that I agree with Boston fans).
Second, Damon had 2 consecutive outstanding seasons. He was a legit MVP candidate the past 2 seasons, maybe not to win it, but receive a lot of votes (which he did). He, and Ichiro, are the two best leadoff hitters in the game. The Sox will find it extremely difficult to replace that type of leadoff hitter.
His defense is great for fielding balls, but he can't throw a lick. It will at least be important for the Sox to get a CF that can cover some ground in the field.
Now, the Sox popularity is at an all time high in Boston. They are basically selling out every ticket before the season starts. In my opinion, it will be very difficult for them to make the postseason next year. Let us not forget that Wells will most likely be gone bfore spring training and who knows what will happen with Manny. How Schilling rebounds and whether Foulke can recover from a horrib.le season are another 2 question marks. They still don't have a CF or SS and offensive production from 1B has been a problem. Seeing what has happened since, doing whatever it took to get Konerko to sign in Boston would have been ideal.
But looking past next year, I would love to have my future set up with Beckett, Papelbon and Lester anchoring my rotation. I think Arroyo will be gone sometime soon, but he would fill in as a nice #4 starter. That is a very promising starting rotation for the future. hanson can turn out to be a good closer with other arms like del Carmen to support the starters with a good bullpen. Pitching wins championships and those starters can lead to some very bright years in the future, just maybe not next year.

Alan said...

I don't know if it's because of the holiday season, but I agree with what Godfather and Patsy2k wrote. Strange. I like the idea of getting Reed from the Mariners; I've also heard Brad Wilkerson discussed which I like. It wouldn't be the end of the world if they signed Preston Wilson for a year, and went after Andruw Jones or Torii Hunter next year.

I like the Godfather's view of the future, but it's too early to write off next season. Granted, the front office looks like a mess and there's way too many question marks right now. But the team still has Schilling, Beckett, Ortiz, and hopefully Manny. That's still a strong core. Also there's plenty of time for the Sox to make more moves.

Finally, besides spiting the Red Sox, I think the Yankees did this to spite me and my little site. I try to take a break, and next thing I know they pull off this deal. Thankfully Patriotsy2k came through with a post.