Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bring back Nomar

I know I'm being sentimental, but wouldn't it be great to see Nomar redeem himself with the Red Sox? I'm reading Bill Simmons's book, and it's reminding me of how special a player Nomar was. He once batted over .370, hit for power, had an amazing work ethic, and performed in the clutch (especially against the Indians in the playoffs).

And then everything fell apart. Injuries and clashes with management ruined his reputation and now he struggles to find a job. Well, if the theory is to buy low and sell high, now's the time to buy Nomar. The Red Sox need a shortstop, a first baseman, and possibly a centerfielder. For a reasonable price, Nomar is capable of playing each of these positions.

Maybe he is done, but what if he turns out to be like Paul Molitor who struggled with injuries before becoming a Hall of Famer by ending his career strongly? I'd rather see Nomar do it with a Red Sox hat than a Yankees hat.


Patriotsy2k said...

Alan, you are forgetting one very important thing about Nomar. He hates Boston, and would like to stay far away. I am reading Shaugnessy's "reversing the curse" book, and remember several Globe articles after Nomar's trade. He was very happy to get out, hated all of the local media attention, and was irreperably wounded by the A-Rod courting in the winter of 2004.
Bottom line....unless he had a change of heart, it is not going to happen. Maybe Mia will help twist his arm.

The Godfather said...

No one should read anythign that that punk Shaugnessy writes.
Patsy2k, you should go to weei.com and see if the audio links are still up from the Tuesday after Epstein resigned. WEEI interviewed Shaugnessy, which was interesting enough because the Globe does not allow its employees to appear on WEEI shows, and then they interviewed Schilling, the normal Tuesday morning interview, right after that. Parts of it were pretty funny.
It was up on the site for a while. Not sure if they still have it linked or not.

Alan said...

I agree with Patsy2k that Nomar's thoughts about Boston would be the biggest hurdle, especially since the same people who traded him away are still there. I remember hearing Mo Vaughn saying he didn't really appreciate Boston until he left. Probably wishful thinking, but maybe Nomar has the same thoughts.

Shaugnessy has his faults, but he's well informed and is a good writer. I think he took too much heat for the whole Theo debacle.

Anonymous said...

Nomar should not be brought back to the Red Sox. He was "special" at one point. Then he got hit in the wrist with a pitch against the Cleveland Indians, and he was never the same. He has a bad attitude too.

If you were gonna forgive Shaughnessy for Theo, you should not forgive him for writing an absolutely absurd article saying that Jeremy Kapstein should be hired as the GM of the Red Sox. What a puppet for Larry Lucchino. Surprisingly, Jackie MacMullen wrote a similarly ridiculous article.

His book is just him milking the Red Sox curse thing which he has already made money off of for many years.

If you want to read a good Boston sports book, read "Patriot Reign" by Michael Holley instead.

- The Ladies Man