Thursday, December 29, 2005

Back at it - this time regarding the Patriots

Written by Patriotsy2k

Halfway through the 3rd quarter, I couldn't
help but wonder if last night's matchup
against New York was more of the Jets just
being bad. Probably the Godfather can answer
this more than anyone, and explain how their
injuries have affected them. Through two and
a half quarters, John Madden described the last
Monday Night game on ABC as a "methodical
domination", or something similar to this.

The Patriots had just run off 29 consecutive
plays, capped by Corey Dillon's touchdown plunge.
The Jets had no first downs, compared to almost
20 by the Pats. The Jets did save face and gave
their fans something to cheer about by giving Vinny
his proper sendoff, then watched him throw a
perfect TD to Coles. He set a record by throwing
touchdowns in 19 consecutive seasons.

The 31-21 Patriots win was nothing to get too
excited about in New England,as this franchise
is accustomed to playing in bigger games. Plus,
despite their brilliance on both sides of the ball,
Pats fans know they beat a 3-11 team.

The inury bug that Pat fans complain about is the
same problem the Jets currently face. Now if the
Godfather could elaborate on this, it would give
more insight on how this team can go from a missed
field goal in the divisional playoffs to this debacle.
Herm Edwards seems like a good coach to have in the
NFL, as his work ethic and player relations are
impressive. Yet will he come back next year, after
2 miserable seasons in 3 years?

As a Patriots fan, I get a little giddy seeing their
division rivals struggle. That being said...Squish
the Fish this weekend, and don't be shy about it.
Let's go 11-5 and see what happens in the "tournament,"
something the big Tuna used to say - the former
Patriot and Jets head coach.


The Godfather said...

Let me some up the Jets season. They knew Pennington's arm could create a problem at some point this past season so they went out and signed a very capable backup QB in Jay Fiedler. Then Pennington and Fielder get hurt in the same quarter. Then they are on a 3rd string QB who has really never played in the NFL. The whole Vinny experiment was just trying to get someone in there who had NFL experience. The Jets were very good last year, but their D is not good enough to carry the team. So when you have Brooks Bollinger at QB, you are not going to win many games. Then Maewae gets hurt. Even thouhg people hate Maewae, he is essential to that team's success. Remember Curtis was rushing champ last year. Yes, Curtis is a great back, but Maewae was the main reason Curtis was great last year.
The Jets D has actually improved from last year, but when you lose your 2 QB's, top RB, and Center, the offense is miserable which means the D has to be on the field for longer.
Herman Edwards has actually doen very well as head coach in his tenure. This year is obviously a disaester and he has made mistakes. But even 2 years ago, he was 6-10 which is not good obviously, but it is not exactly embarrassing. As I recall, that is the year Pennington originally got hurt in the preseason.
If you look at why the Jets were successful last year and the essential elements of their team, they are all hurt right now. It is just a year that you write off as a Jets fan. It is no fun watching them. You just hope they draft well with a good pick and then hope that Pennington comes back and does well. Unfortunately they aigned him to a big contract so he is the future, good or bad.

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