Saturday, December 03, 2005

NBA Groupies

Here's my first photo essay. I got the pictures from, but I improved the captions.

Nicky Hilton contemplates how she can "leak" that sex tape she has with her, Bryan, and the Ladies Man so she can be as famous as her sister.

Anna Kournikiva with Enrique Iglesias at a Heat game right before Patrioty2k kicked Julio's son out of his seat with the line, "Drop the zero and get with a yard-drinking-hero."

Eva Longoria at a Spurs game just learns that I'm still available. The woman in the background wonders what Eva has that she doesn't.

Back when the Godfather was a Lakers fan, he and Laverne were known to practice "boxing each other out."

Jack applauds our efforts, but he's already done all of them.

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