Thursday, December 08, 2005

Too much going on

Lots of baseball stuff, and I'm too tired to put much thought into everything. Here goes nothing:
  • Theo undone. Seems the Red Sox are undoing all of Theo's work. Renteria's gone and Clement is being offered to everyone. Also Theo was big on Hanley Ramirez and Dustin Pedrioa. Ramirez is gone and the Sox traded for Loretta who will prevent Pedrioa from starting. It's starting to look like Theo and Lucchino disagreed on the direction of the team.
  • Renteria was terrible for the Red Sox, but the Braves got a good deal. Renteria won't be as bad as last year and the Sox are paying a lot of his contract. In a market where everyone costs too much, the Braves got a potential All Star at a reasonable rate.
  • I think the last time the Red Sox traded a veteran for a prospect, they got Darren Bragg for Jamie Moyer. Hope the Braves deal works out a little better.
  • The Sox got an All Star second baseman for a backup catcher, but will losing Mirabelli ruin Wakefield?
  • One rumor is the Phillies would give up Bobby Abreu for Trot Nixon and Matt Clement. If the rumor's true, the Sox should do it.
  • Juan Pierre just went to the Cubs, so the Yankees and the Red Sox still don't have a centerfielder. Johnny Damon and his agent must be very happy.
  • Now that the Cubs have Pierre, taking a chance on Corey Patterson may be a cheap alternative.
  • Tejada wants to be traded. Boston could use a shortstop.
  • Wait, there's other teams besides the Red Sox.
  • The Nationals got Soriano??? They're not one of the teams that are allowed to trade for big name players.
  • The Rangers had A-Rod and traded him for Soriano and Joaquin Arias. I guess they still have Arias, and for Soriano the Rangers got Brad Wilkerson, Terrmel Sledge, and a player to be named later. So in return for maybe the best player in baseball, the Rangers got Wilkerson, Arias, Sledge, and a player to be named later. On the bright side, the Rangers have not had any problems with their players slapping pitchers' gloves.
  • Jose Mesa signed with the Rockies. A mediocre, inconsistent pitcher goes to play in Coors Field. This should work out well.
  • The Braves sent Dan Kolb back to the Brewers for Wes Obermueller. I'm no Obermueller expert, but it's safe to say the Kolb as closer experience in Atlanta was not a joyous one.
  • Back to the Red Sox: The Astros didn't offer Roger Clemens arbitration, so the rumors of Roger going back to the Yankees or Red Sox will soon begin. I've heard people criticizing the Astros for this move, but I remember hearing how they regretted waiting and waiting for Beltran's decision and then being left with no alternatives when he finally decided to leave. Maybe the Astros didn't want to go through that again.
  • Finally, something I meant to link last weekend. In Sunday NY Daily News, Mike Lupica commented on how people are labeling the Mets spending as "Yankeesque." Lupica correctly points out that the Mets still would need to spend another $100 million to match the Yankees payroll.

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