Sunday, December 04, 2005

Zancanaro Mania!

Here I am, the hockey expert to bring you more skating wisdom. Thanks to a well connected family friend, I was able to sit a few rows behind the BC bench for last night's BU, BC game.

First a little background. The BU/BC hockey rivalry compares to UNC vs Duke in basketball and Michigan vs. Ohio State in football. Both teams are always good, and both teams hate each other. Also, hockey is the most popular sport at both of these schools.

Some highlights of the night:
  • The night started with a free BU towel. I like free stuff.
  • As fans were waiting to be let in, BU students looked for anyone wearing BC garb. When one was sited, a loud "BC Sucks" chant would start.
  • Got myself into the Club Room where I had some freshly carved roast beef, pasta primavera, and some fancy cheeses. I like free stuff.
  • Beautiful arena that was built last year -- the Arena is named after BU legend, Harry Agannis, and the rink is named after Jack Parker, the active legendary head coach of BU. Seeing this, my father predictably said, "You should never name something after somebody still living. What if he does something really embarrassing?" I reply, "I know, kinda like OJ Simpson Stadium." This is about the 17th time we've had this discussion.
  • An electric crowd. I was sitting with the alumni sipping our Chardonnay at mid-ice while rabid BU students, including a pep band sat behind both nets.
  • The energy of the BU students remind me of Duke's Cameron Crazies. Must be nice to be able to sleep till noon everyday and get drunk every night. Yes, I am a bitter old man.
  • Apparently, BC goalie, Cory Schneider sucks. That's what the BU students keep chanting.
  • BC has the better team this year and they beat BU the previous night, so it's surprising BU scored the first two goals.
  • Zamboni!!!
  • BC ties it up, but I point out to my father how the BC goalie isn't securing the puck very well.
  • My section is filled with season ticket holders. The lady at the end of the alley keeps count of how many beers you get. After three she refuses to let you go past her. Needless to say, I didn't have to stand up to let people by much.
  • BU's captain Brad Zancanaro is 5'5". Pretty funny watching him face off against a 6'7" BC player.
  • BU scores four unanswered goals, one by Zancanaro, in less than ten minutes. A couple of goals came off of rebounds from the BC goalie. Told you I was a hockey expert.
  • Guess the BU fans were right too.
  • BU wins. Here's a link to a story about the game.
  • After the game I get into another alumni room where they have free coffee and cookies. I like free stuff.
  • The players exit the locker room through this alumni room. I watch kids get the players autographs and then quickly ignore that as I notice how beautiful hockey players' girlfriends are. Wow.
  • All the players come out in suits and several carry a box of pizza. Coach Parker has a strict dress code for his players, and each player gets a full pizza after the game.
  • I wish I wore my suit. Maybe I could have gotten a free pizza and a hockey girlfriend.
  • Coach Parker comes out to mingle with the alumni. He's wearing a tie and jacket, but it's not a suit! The hypocrisy!
  • I see Zancanaro. An alumni tells me they must have measured him with his skates on because he might not even be 5'2".
  • Now I need to see if I can get some Beanpot tickets.

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The Godfather said...

I've been meaning to get to Agganis Arena (almost went Thursday night for a concert). I always find it ironic that the statue of Harry Agganis outside the arena is of him holding a football, since many BU alumni are still very bitter that they got rid of the football program.