Friday, December 02, 2005

Colts cheaters or Steelers whiners?

A Steelers official and Ben Roethlisberger claim the Colts broke NFL rules by artificially enhancing crowd noise during Monday Night Football. Are the Steelers whining or do they have a legitimate complaint?

Before the game, a Steelers official, who asked not to be identified, pointed out many microphones attached atop poles and stationed around the lower perimeter of the stadium. He said he believed they were used to capture the crowd noise and then filter it through the public address system to blast it louder when the Steelers were at the line of scrimmage on offense.

After the Steelers' 26-7 loss to the Colts, coach Bill Cowher and many of his players cited the din inside the dome as a disruption to their offense and a possible cause for the five false start penalties against their offensive line.

"It was louder than any rock concert I've ever been to," Roethlisberger said yesterday.

Later in the article, the NFL said that they feel the Colts did nothing wrong and there will be no further investigation. If this had happened to the Colts, classless Bill Polian would whine to the world and demand rule changes.

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