Sunday, August 07, 2005

AFC already beating up the NFC

The Jets and Giants practiced together yesterday and the Giants didn't like that the Jets were hitting so hard. Some highlights from a great article

  • "That's not what we teach. That's not why we're here," Coughlin said. "We're here to practice to try to get better. We certainly didn't come to fight."

    However, several Giants hinted that the Jets did. Coughlin was particularly angry at the way the Jets' defenders attacked Giants receivers during a non-contact passing drill, knocking several of them to the ground when plays were over. At one point Coughlin was so furious he yelled at the Jets' defense.

    Henderson quickly fired back. "That's how we practice," he said. "We put our (helmets) on people."

  • ...The first official play, after a false start by Giants left tackle Luke Petitgout, was a run to the right. When it was over, Celestin shoved Shockey in the back.

    Shockey retaliated by throwing a punch, which led Jets linebacker Jonathan Vilma to grab Shockey from behind. Then safety Erik Coleman jumped into the pile.

  • When Toomer protested, Barton yelled, "Get to the playoffs." Not surprisingly, another shoving match ensued.
  • "I guess they practice different than we do," Toomer said. "We try to keep our players healthy. I guess they don't. They kind of just beat the crap out of their receivers."
  • ...Jets fullback B.J. Askew body-slammed Giants safety Brent Alexander during a full-team drill.

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