Monday, August 08, 2005

Ty Law a Jet

This is difficult for me. A player I like goes to a team I don't like, and a team that plays the Pats twice a season -- maybe three times this year. Ty Law did get into a little trouble with drugs at the Canadian border and the contract situation got a bit nasty the last few years, but it will still be tough to root against him. He worked hard, played hurt (sometimes really hurt), and he made a ton of big plays. Also, he was Peyton Manning's favorite receiver.

But he goes to a team I don't like! I'll just hope his interceptions come in losses. I don't know how significant this contract will be in regards to the Jets' cap situation, but on the field it's a great signing (unless he gets hurt). Hopefully, Law is too old to be a repeat of Curtis Martin leaving the Pats for the Jets.

December 4th: Ty Law comes to New England. How many times has Law faced against Troy Brown in practice. I'd love to see Brown burn him on the fourth.

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Patriotsy2k said...

you got that right Alan, about this being difficult. I was really hoping he wouldn't go to NYJ or Miami. He was a gamer who had great talent along with the respect of his teammates.
Anyone notice how he saved his best games for the Jets and Colts? Well, the Jets did and now have got themselves a pro bowl corner. Now if he can keep that foot healthy..