Thursday, August 04, 2005

Lee Mazzilli fired

I didn't see that one coming. If I were to give you a quiz in May with this question:

Which of the following managers will be fired in August?
A. Phil Garner, Astros
B. Ken Macha, A's
C. Lee Mazzilli, Orioles
D. Someone who's never been in my kitchen

How many people would have guessed "C"?

Maybe the Yankees can sign Mazzilli just like they sign any player who gets released (Embree, Nomo, Leiter. etc)


Oskar said...

Actually out of those I would have guessed D, (unless Waltham is a much more cosmopolitian place the I remember) then C.

Patriotsy2k said...

Waltham? Is this DH?
If you are a student, I hope for your sake that it is not at Bentley. Save your $.

The Godfather said...

Bentley is a fine educational institution.