Monday, August 08, 2005

So happy I'm not a Giant fan

They're still talking about the mean Jets. Some quotes with my comments:
  • "There's going to be a lot of animosity, you can count on that," Giants linebacker Barrett Green said Monday. "In the preseason game, there's no question about the rules, there's no question about hitting people. They're going to get hit, hard."
Forget about getting ready for the season. They're gonna get revenge on the Jets! What's the over/under on cheap shots against Pennington?
  • "Obviously, they had different intentions out there than we did, and it showed," said Green, a starter who is coming back from ACL surgery and sat out both sessions Saturday. "I don't think there were a whole lot of people over here on the blue side who were too happy about it. They had a few smart comments they made about how that's how they practice, but we're very capable of practicing that way, too. But we didn't get a chance to do that."
They didn't get a chance of practicing hard?
  • According to quarterback Eli Manning, the Jets showed a wider variety of defensive looks than the Giants expected, which threw off the offense's timing.

    "You're allowed to do some blitzes, but on a lot of plays they were lining up in a Bear defense, in a 3-4, moving people around, bringing the strong safety in and blitzing. And we just kind of wanted to get our basic plays run instead of having to check off. We didn't really game-plan for that stuff."

I think that's what his brother Peyton said about the Patriots last year.
  • (More from Barrett Green:) "They got a lot of free shots in [Saturday], and they know it," he said. "Our coaches wanted us to display class and character out there, and that's what we did. Nobody is happy about what happened, but it's over, we learned from it, and it's definitely made us closer. And we'll see them in the third preseason game."
Jeremy Shockey is all about "class and character." I might have to watch a preseason game this year.


Patriotsy2k said...

Funny quotes. Don't forget what happened 2 years ago in preseason between these two teams. The Jets season got all messed up with Pennington's injury. It was a freak injury to his wrist, and the Giants weren't behind it, yet does anyone think the Jets still remember this?

The Godfather said...

that makes no sense at all.
Brandon short tackled him from behind (an ankle tackle) and Pennington landed on his wrist. Theer's no ill will because of that. It was a football injury.
That is absolutely trying to make something out of nothing.
I think Manning's comment was almost as stupid as patsy2k's response. So the jets are supposed to go out in defenses that are just basic and what Manning was expecting? How is that supposed to make manning a better QB?
As far as the preseason game, there is always a lot of pushing and shoving ii that game anyway. It will be intersting in that it is the 3rd game which is the game that the starters play the most. I think the Jets will get to Manning a lot more than the Giants will get to Pennington.
This is just the type of thing that the press loves to make something out of nothing. It is football. If the Giants just wanted a walk through, they should never have agreed to practice with the Jets. You walk through plays with your offense against your defense, not against another team.