Sunday, January 01, 2006

20 years ago...

No, I'm not writing about the last time I posted something new. Today, the Patriots are celebrating their amazing 1985 Super Bowl run. Unfortunately, being blown out in the Super Bowl and having a drug scandal right after it somewhat tainted the season. However, this was a great season -- playoff wins on the road against the Jets, Raiders, and Dolphins (who were 15-1 and hadn't lost to the Pats in Florida since sometime in the 70's), [correction: Dolphins were 12-4, but did give the 85 Bears their only loss -- thanks to Patsy2k for picking up the mistake] great special teams play, Andre Tippet, John Hannah, and let's not forget Mosi Tatupu.

To commemorate this season, the Patriots are selling, "Squish the Fish," t-shirts. I'm thinking of a person who would enjoy wearing that in Pro Player stadium next year.


Patriotsy2k said...

Alan, I am going to call this a "misinformed" post. The Godfather will be proud of me. The Dolphins were not 15-1 that season, you're thinking about the Bears. The Fins were 12-4 and were #2 seed behind LA Raiders, who the Pats beat behinf their special teams....and 6 Raider turnovers.
The drug scandal controversy after Super Bowl XX was thanks to a Ron Borges story naming several players. It started a rift between this mediocre Globe writer and the franchise, that existed for 15 years or so. Bottom line, the game was embarressing enough, then this yokel throws dirt on this team which caused the Pats not to talk with Borges for years. So what does he do? He writes negative articles about them, and had a good time doing it in the early 90's...when the team was awful.
Anyways, I had the original shirt, along with the "Berry the Bears" one. Can anyone guess, besides alan, what this shirt meant?

Alan said...

I'm misinformed again. The Dolphins beat the Bears who turned out to be 15-1. Must be the rustiness from not posting.

Borges has still managed to write negative articles about the Pats during their Super Bowl run. Pretty impressive.

The Godfather said...

Good for you patsy2k. sometimes bartcop needs to be informed of hsi misinformation.

Berry the bears was in reference to Raymond Berry.