Thursday, March 30, 2006

Anna Benson's available

Anna and Kris Benson are getting divorced. This is usually a good excuse for me to post a picture of a woman, but I haven't been able to post pictures lately.

Bill Simmons does a good job describing Anna:
...she's loathsome and doesn't deserve the attention. She's not even that cute
anymore -- she's starting to look like Elvira, or one of those porn stars that
tried to set too many "most guys in one day" records.

1 comment:

The Godfather said...

maybe the Mets actually knew what they were doing when they traded Kris. I bet all the O's players are pissed that they will not get a chance to sleep with her if Kris cheats on her.

until BartCop fixes his problem, there is a picture of Anna is the latest issue of SI.