Saturday, March 11, 2006

Josh Wright practices his free throws

Last year a freshman lost the conference championship because he couldn't hit a free throw. This year, sophomore Josh Wright who had no points in the first 39 minutes of the game hit four straight free throws to seal the game.

This game had it all: McNamara's usual ridiculous threes, sparks of greatness by Devendorf followed by stupid freshman mistakes, a terrible no call when a Pitt player got mugged shooting a three, an amusingly overweight Derrick Coleman celebrating the Orange win, an incredibly cute blonde sitting next to McNamara's parents, some nice high low play by the Pitt big men, good defense by both teams, the comedy of Jim Boheim, and a great crowd.

I just have one complaint: what's with the tattoos of the Syracuse players? I'm not offended by players with tattoos, but Devendorf and Terrence have the ugliest tattoos I've ever seen. Someone needs to remove the Crayola Magic Markers from the Syracuse locker room.

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The Godfather said...

BartCop, you have a great assessment of Devendorf. He's been like that all year. I almost fell out of the nose bleed seats when he tried that layup against UCONN. Boeheim has a project on his hands. All year, he's been coaching him. I thought it was a great move to pull him after he shot the air ball on the 3 so early in the 2nd half. They need him to produce the next 3 years to help the program so hopefully Boeheim gets through to him.
I thought the officiating was horrible and Syracuse got most of the calls, maybe all of them except for the Pitt basket when he was standing on the baseline when he caught the ball.
Considering I had no tickets last week, I feel lucky to have seen 2 Syracuse games live, but I wish I could have seen all 4. Maybe I should try and get tickets ahead of time for next year's tournament.