Sunday, March 26, 2006

Did I miss anything?

Just had a week with little web access and no cable, so let's see how well I can review last week.
  • Vinatieri signs with the Colts: maybe the Patriots know something we don't know, but I can't picture the Pats without him. Poor Peyton Manning, he used to be able to blame his "Idiot Kicker." Now when Manning and the Colts choke, all the attention will go to him.
  • Terrell Owens and the Idiot Kicker are Cowboys: Parcells and T.O. reacting to the clutch performances of Bledsoe and Vanderjagt will be great entertainment.
  • NCAA Tourny: Speaking of clutch performances, Redick came through again. I had George Mason in the Elite Eight on my bracket, but I forgot to turn it in. Didn't George Mason work for CTU on 24? Too bad Gerry McNamara's last game wasn't in the Big East Tournament. His tournament performance was a sad way to end a career. It's all a blur now, but another great year of amazing endings.
  • Bruins fire GM Mike O'Connell: Remember the good old days when the Bruins were mediocre?
  • NBA: Do they play in March?
  • Japan wins the WBC: I guess it's my patriotic duty to ignore this, but there was some great baseball played. The rest of the world catching up and possibly surpassing Americans in baseball is great for the sport.
  • Barry Bonds's lawsuit: Frivolous
  • Red Sox trade Bronson Arroyo for Wily Mo Pena: Good trade for both teams. Reds need pitching and the Sox need a replacement for Nixon when he pulls that first hamstring. This year's Red Sox team is the deepest in my memory.
  • Tagliabue retires: Who do I send my resume to?
  • Red Sox sign Juan Gonzales: Great signing. Look at these numbers: 45 HR, 157 RBI, .318 batting average. Oh wait, it's not 1998 anymore?
  • California living: The good news was I was able to watch tournament games at 9 AM; bad news was by the time I got home on Thursday and Friday, the first games had already ended.
  • Recommended Reading: I finally read Moneyball by Michael Lewis. Despite turbulence, no leg room, and babies screaming, I could not put the book down for my entire flight. I'll never look at baseball stats the same way again.
  • IN-N-OUT Burgers: Delicious.

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