Tuesday, March 28, 2006

NFL rule changes

Here's some of the changes proposed by the NFL owners:
  • Stricter enforcement on touchdown celebrations: Just what we need, more subjective judgment calls by officials. I respect a player who acts like he's been there before when scoring a touchdown. That said, are celebrations something that officials should really be concentrating on? It's fun watching players make asses of themselves.
  • Down by contact subject to instant replay review: I don't get this one. When the whistle blows, players are supposed to stop. Now there's an exception; if a whistle blows and the ball's loose they should keep playing. This will cause problems.
  • Receivers can flinch and not be called for illegal procedure: What a surprise, another rule helping the offense.
  • "Toughening enforcement on pass rushers who hit quarterbacks below the knees, as long as the defensive players could have avoided making the hit": Helping the offense again. I really trust NFL officials guessing if a player could avoid making a hit or not.
  • One defensive player getting direct communication with a coach just like a quarterback: A rule helping the defense? Someone screwed up.

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