Saturday, March 04, 2006

Carolina's rebuilt

North Carolina lost their seven top scorers from last year, so I didn't figure to see much from them this year. I was pleasantly surprised with their performance against Duke. Unlike last year's team who seemed to play like an All Star team, this year's team plays like a traditional Roy Williams coached team. Besides their playing style, Carolina has some freshman talent -- especially Tyler Hansbrough who was the best player on the court.

Now for my Duke bashing:
Yes, I said Hansbrough was the best player on the court. JJ Redick couldn't shoot when it counted. Dick Vitale claimed it was because Redick was worn out from breaking the ACC scoring record, but I remember Redick shooting poorly in big games last year too. Meanwhile, Sheldon Williams puts up great numbers, but I'm never impressed with him when I watch him play. I'm not expecting much success for either in the NBA.

In defense of Redick, he's playing with a terrible point guard. Greg Paulus might grow into a good player, but right now he's an out of control point guard who doesn't set up his teammates well.

Oh, and Sean Dockery shoving Hansbrough in the face after the game was determined: I guess that's just another example of Duke's class.


The Godfather said...

At first, I was upset that Paulus left his hometown Syracuse to go to Duke. But I am not very impressed with his play. I think he is single handedly responsible for the loss to Georgetown. Yes, he is a freshman, but I think Syracuse has a better freshman PG is Devendorf. McNamara has been splitting time at PG with him, but if you get a chance to watch Syracuse at noon today, keep an eye on Devendorf. He should only improve next year and has had some big clutch games lately.

By the way, my prediction is that Syracuse will get themsleves off the bubble with a win today against 'Nova. Of course, a win against Cincy in the Big East tourament wouldn't hurt their chances either.

Bryan said...

Normally, I will have Duke games on mute, I just can not stand the absolute love and often times apologetic tone commentators take towards Duke. BUT, when it comes to that Georgetown game I lost complete respect for Paulus...

Every time down the court, the sound boards would hear him drop the f-bomb, and other words. Remarkable class from this freshmen.