Thursday, March 16, 2006

More about the NFL

  • I guess injured quarterbacks are the new trend in the NFL.
  • By getting Brees, the Saints put themselves in a good position for the draft. Teams will offer a lot to get their second pick. By securing the quarterback position, the Saints put themselves in position to get a lot of extra draft picks.
  • Vince Young is dropping on draft boards, but could the Saints consider going with him, knowing that it might take two or three years for Young to get ready to play quarterback?
  • So how much of Culpepper's success was due to Randy Moss? Last year the Vikings improved because he got hurt. He's also had a fumbling problem. The rest of AFC East surely won't take advantage of that.
  • In a related story, Patriotsy2k has just started a boat chartering company in South Florida.
  • Nervous and sad times for Patriot fans. I just can't picture Willie McGinest in a Browns uniform. I'll be rooting for him.
  • I think David Givens will miss Brady's accuracy, but I can't blame him for taking a good contract and going after the opportunity to be a number one receiver.
  • Troy Brown is talking to the Jets.
  • Adam Vinatieri is talking to the Packer.
  • The Patriots have more patience than I do because I want them to do something now.


The Godfather said...

The Pats are now roughly $20M under the cap. If I was a Pats fan, I would be hoping that they sign Brach and Seymour to long term deals and lock up Vinatieri. Maybe talk to Ty Law?

The McGinest loss hurts them. But I don't see any way they do not win the AFC East next year and so far, the AFC looks like it could be wide open.

Even though the system will be the same, they will be on their 3rd defensive coordinator in 3 years and they just lost one of their defensive leaders. A full year from Seymour and Bruschi will help and Colvin has stepped it up as well. It is definitely a changing of the guard in Foxboro.

Patriotsy2k said...

Bring back the Law, and what about Harrison? He was the biggest void last year.
I am starting to like the Browns more and more. It's always natural to root against former players (like a Johnny Damon), yet in Cleveland that is not the case with me. It's hard to dislike McGinest, and with a good guy like Crennel there, they are becoming my proxy. If they sign Vinatieri, however, that would be pushing it.