Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Barry Bonds used steroids!!!

I'm just shocked. Sports Illustrated has an extensive write up of Barry Bonds's alleged steroid use. He was having a great career, but I guess he didn't like being overshadowed by juicers Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire.

A lot has been written about Bonds and steroids, but one critical aspect of the story is being ignored: Bond's steroid use unfairly helped fantasy baseball owners win championships. While the Godfather and I made sure our players adhered to a strict moral code, Patriotsy2k won a championship on the pimpled back of Barry Bonds. Bonds isn't the only one who should have asterisks next to his accomplishments.


Patriotsy2k said...

And don't anyone forget that 2001 "Boca Beach Ballots" championship team. A lot of hard work to fight off that 2nd place team with all of that pitching. Still the only fantasy baseball title I have won.
The "Nasty Little Brown Men" won the football title the same year. Was that a tainted victory also? Was Marshall Faulk or Curtis Martin or Rich Gannon illegal players also? No. These weren't a 1986 Celtics "fluke" title (sorry Godfather - I couldn't resist). It was just some excellent scouting and roster manuevering by a gifted owner!

Scott said...

Re the Barry Bonds story, I'm sick of SI's hypocrisy. They lament the fall of the sports hero like's its some kind of new phenomenon. I take SI writer Phil Taylor to task in my blog essay, read it at http://mymountain.blogspot.com/2006/03/si-lament-there-are-no-more-heros.html

Bryan said...

Man, looking at that picture...Serena Williams really has let herself go

The Godfather said...

If I was a Celtics fan, I'd still be talking about the '86 team too.

just for the record and for the sole purpose of ending these pointless little comments, my comments on the '86 Celtics were no different than your comments on the '87 Lakers. I just don't choose to try and ridicule you over them.

Billy said...

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