Friday, March 31, 2006

Conflict of Interest?

George Mitchell, who was hired to do an "independent" investigation of steroid use in baseball seems like a decent, hardworking guy. One problem though: he's a partial owner of the Red Sox. Even if Mitchell has great integrity, any of his findings will be clouded with suspicion. Already I've heard brain-dead-radio-personality-Yankee-fan, JT the Brick, ask why David Ortiz isn't being scrutinized as much as Gary Sheffield and Jason Giambi.

Another problem: George Mitchell is a chairman at Disney, who happens to own ESPN, who happened to give baseball a lot of money to broadcast games. There might be a little pressure for Mitchell to avoid giving baseball a black eye.

So I guess MLB doesn't understand the problems of conflict of interest. Who knows what they'll do next? Hire a team owner to be commissioner of the MLB? Now I'm just getting carried away.


The Godfather said...

Good post Bartcop. There was a good article on this in thoday's NY Times (Boston fans are allowed to read the NY Times, just not the NY Post).

The Godfather said...

that's actually not the article I wanted to link. that was Murray Chass' article from Friday. Chass also wrote an article this morning on the same subject matter. I just can't find it on the website. Looks like Chass really has an agenda.