Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Oh Canada

How can Team USA lose to Canada in baseball? Between hockey and curling, when do the Canadians have time for baseball. If the US does not make it the finals, there will only be one person to blame:


Anonymous said...

the real world is a bitch. baseball has long been dominated by non-american players. welcome to the world, serious.

Alan said...

Losing to DR, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, or Japan is one thing. These are your non-american players dominating the game. Look at the Canadian roster and look at the US roster. Even in your own personal "real world," this was a monumental upsetn, serious.

The Godfather said...

I don't think Anonymous read the top banner in which it cleary states that BartCop is Misinformed.

But I agree with BatCop on this one. Canada is full of a bunch of role players that should not have beat the US.

A lot of the stars of MLB and not American which is fine with me, but they aren't Canadian either, eh.