Thursday, March 16, 2006

Passing the torch

JJ Redick must be so proud. Greg Paulus has joined an exclusive club featuring club Co-Presidents Christian Laettner and Steve Wojohowski. Going into this season Redick must have been worried that there would be no one to replace him when he left. Now, however, he must be comfortable in knowing that college basketball's most hated player will remain in Durham.

Greg Paulus, keep "accidentally" hitting people, keep overreacting to a made lay up in the first half, keep joining Coach K in complaining to officials who have the audacity to call you for a foul. Make Laettner, Wojohowski, and Redick proud; just keep being the prototypical Duke player.

From the Brushback:

Greg Paulus Throws Hilarious Little Temper Tantrum

GREENSBORO, NC--Duke forward Greg Paulus threw the most hilarious little tempter tantrum Sunday afternoon during the ACC championship at Greensboro Coliseum. Paulus got into a shoving match with Boston College’s Louis Hinnant and his face got all red and he started spazzing out right there on national TV. Fans seated behind the bench were highly amused by the incident. “Now that was funny,” said Kayla Duggan, 20, a Duke fan. “Paulus dove to the floor to grab a loose ball, then when he got up he just started flailing his arms for some reason. Then he accidentally shoved someone from BC, who shoved him back, then he got even more angry. It was adorable! He looked like a Chihuahua attacking a chew toy. I’m just glad that the referees stepped in when they did. Greg’s a tough little player, but he probably shouldn’t be getting into fights with grown-ups.”

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