Monday, March 06, 2006

Kirby Puckett



Patriotsy2k said...

A shocker to see this baseball legend leave so early. Was always hustling and playing at an elevated level, until his eyes gave up on him. Minnesota Twins have had some greats (Harmon Killebrew), yet most people nowadays would look at Kirby as the face of the franchise.

The Godfather said...

His playing career ended too early and now his life ended too early.
The 1991 World Series may have been the best ever. Everytime I think of Puckett, I remember that Game 6 performance. MLB needs more players like him.

listerplus said...

A truly great and energetic player who will be missed. Once he learned to hit for power, he became a complete player who could hit, run, throw and catch up to almost any ball in CF.

The one thing he didn't do, and the thing that people pay more attention to these days than almost anything else, is walk. Big deal. He still found ways to beat you. And he always seemed to be smiling as he did it.

Badger said...

I wept when I heard it. The way he played and had fun doing it impacted me personally to this day. Haven't liked the Twins since he left.