Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Crickets chirping

Who's running this site? I've got to start posting something soon. Basically, I've been busy, and not much in sports has made me want to write anything lately.

I wish I could post some more because my Detroit winning the series is way too close to the top of this page. So, since it's the first time I've been wrong on this site, I need to examine where I went wrong looking at the matchups.

  • My biggest mistake was somehow trying to compare Rasheed Wallace to Tim Duncan. Wallace shows glimpses of incredible talent, but he's never put it all together. Duncan's just the perfect player.
  • I said Hamilton and Ginobli looked even. Let's pretend I didn't write that.
  • I underestimated Bruce Bowen's defense. Shouldn't he have gotten a few more votes for Defensive Player of the Year?
  • I was thinking of the Ben Wallace of a few years ago. Where did his energy go?
  • I didn't factor in Robert Horry enough. Before the series, I just remembered his clutch three pointers. I forgot about his knack for getting so many loose balls and tough rebounds.
Now if Detroit makes a comeback, I'll have to write about where I went wrong writing about where I went wrong.

One last thought as we watch the next few games. How does ABC fit a thirty second commercial into a twenty second timeout? The magic of television!

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