Wednesday, June 15, 2005

How will Jackson do?

I think Michael Jackson's babysitting career is over. Now, to the other Jackson:

Phil Jackson will make the Lakers a better a team. Kobe had his chance having an isolation offense with everything going through him, and it didn't work. He should now understand that Jackson's triangle offense helps him and the team. Kobe won't fight it as much. The triangle offense will also make Lamar Odom a much better player. Improving just these two guys will make the Lakers a playoff team.

They're not a championship team, but they're not as far away from a championship as people might think. Jackson is not building from scratch. Most coaches would kill to have the chance to build a team around someone as talented as Kobe Bryant. The Lakers just need to find better role players and hope Odom turns into a star (if he doesn't, they'll need to sign one.)

The Kobe/Jackson feud will be interesting, but they both understand that they need each other to be successful, so I don't believe either will let animosity affect their performances.


The Godfather said...

Neither Shaq or Kobe will win another championship. They needed each other. I remember during the Bulls' run, there were runors about Pippen and Jordan not being the best of friends, but they were professionals and played through it and won. Shaq and Kobe both lacked this level of professionalism and I don't think Jackson helped the situation.
The reason the Lakers will not reach the Finals again with this team is they lack a big man. This is critical to win the Western Conference.
I am also uncertain whether the Lakers will make the playoffs next year. They definitely have good players, but the West is a very strong conference. I look at last year's playoffs teams and then also teams like the Lakers and Wolves that did not make the playoffs and then also teams like the Clippers that keep improving.
I don't know if Jackson will improve them enough.

Patriotsy2k said...

Is Alan still on vacation....or is he moving again?