Friday, June 24, 2005

Spurs Win, guess someone should be excited

For a seven game series, there isn't much to say. Duncan showed he's good, but not on the level of Magic, Bird, Jordan, etc. Horry and Billups are still good in the clutch, and Bruce Bowen proved himself to be the best defender in the NBA. Probably the most important coaching decision was Popovich putting Bowen on Billups at the end of games. Bowen's fourth quarter block was an unbelievable play.

So now we get to compare this Spurs team to previous champs. I don't think this team could beat too many other. I'd say last year's Piston, the 2003 Spurs and maybe the 1999 Spurs. After that, I can't see them beating any other champs from 1980 to the present. (I don't know enough about teams before the Magic/Bird revival.)

The only things I got correct on my predictions was the series going seven and Larry Brown throwing his arms up in disgust at the refs.

Now it's time for the draft (where are all the experts on Euro and high school basketball?) and the Larry Brown Parcells Job Search Tour.

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