Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Just one play shows so much

In the fourth quarter Rasheed Wallace was incredulous about a foul call against him. I figured the officials screwed up again until I saw the replay which shows Wallace clearly shoving a Spur in the back.

I learned so many things from this replay.

  1. Rasheed is a jerk. He risking a technical foul against his team when he clearly knows he fouled the guy.
  2. Rasheed has no credibility. When he complains after that call, I'm not going to believe he has a legitimate gripe about another call (officials probably think this way too).
  3. The Pistons get away with blatantly shoving people. If Rasheed received a foul every time he pushed someone, he wouldn't have been so surprised at the call last night.
  4. Part of the success of the Pistons great defense is that they get away with a lot. Sure, they rotate well and have some incredible defenders, but how much of their success is due to uncalled grabs, holds, and shoves?
  5. The Pistons getting away with pushing et cetera contributes to some pretty boring games.

So, the lesson from that play is Rasheed's a jerk, the refs are incompetent, and if the NBA wants better ratings, they should do something about the poor officiating.

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