Friday, May 13, 2005

Bitter Boston Fans

The Godfather wants to know why Boston fans turn against athletes when they leave town.

What I notice a lot in Boston is that people want to see players fail once they leave. Clemens I can understand the way he left and Pedro is another good example. One player who I think Sox fans should want to see succeed is Lowe. But the one player I do not understand is Nomar. He was traded away. He was probably the biggest fan favorite at one time in Boston. Now most people want to see him fail.

Here's the two big things I look at when an athlete leaves town:
1. Did he improve a little too much after leaving, meaning that maybe he wasn't giving his best effort while in Boston? (Roger Clemens)
2. Was he a jerk, baby, or spoiled brat when he left? (Pedro Martinez)

The Nomar situation is an interesting case. He was everything a fan could ask for, but then injuries and a contract squabble came along. Also, he never was cordial with the Boston media, and that can haunt an athlete. So his last season was a bad one on and off the field, and after he leaves the Sox win the series.

My first thought is I'm not so sure Boston fans want to see him fail. I believe there's sometimes a difference between what we hear from sports radio hosts and callers and what the rest of Boston fans think.

For example, when Wade Boggs left Boston to the Yankees, he was villain number one on sports radio. I then went to his first game as a Yankee at Fenway, and there were boos when he was first announced. The boos were then overwhelmed by a long standing ovation as he went on to have four hits.

Nomar is not being treated well by Boston sports radio, but I think Nomar would get a Wade Boggs reaction if he played at Fenway for another team.


Kris in Key West said...

Nomar changed and not for the better. It all started when he began to like soccer.

Patriotsy2k said...

yeah, and when Mia started to tell him what to do also.

The Godfather said...

I think you are right. A lof of my opinion is based on sports radio. Generally, only negative people call Boston sports radio. I remember the Pats first 14-2 season. No one ever called sports radio regarding the Pats because there was absolutely nothing negative you could have said about that team.

I also agree with patsy2k's comments. The one thing about the difference with Curtis Martin is that he went to the rival Jets and the whole Parcells' scenario as well blew it up even more.