Sunday, May 01, 2005

Playoff Notes

The Bruins once again accomplished nothing in the NHL playoffs; now let's look at the NBA.
  • I've been somewhat critical of Iverson's style of play lately, but his game three performance was amazing. I can't get over how much quicker he is compared to everyone else. He has also played a very smart game.
  • I can't remember a rookie playing better defense than Andre Iguodala.
  • Don't want to get into a greatest player ever argument, but Shaq's been taken out of games late in the fourth because his backup plays better defense and shoots better free throws. Don't think the same happened with Russell, Kareem, Magic, Bird, or Jordan.
  • The Celtics and Paul Pierce are driving me crazy. After game three, I wanted to give up on them and get rid of Pierce. Then last night they had the performance I was waiting for. Pierce did all the little things and scored thirty without all the dumb isolation stuff.
  • Why do players and coaches think that because it's the playoffs they need to slow the offense down? Magic's Lakers never slowed things down and it worked for them.
  • It's the playoffs. Enough about attention-whore, Phil Jackson.
  • Phoenix and Miami are each up 3-0. Has a professional team ever choked that big of a playoff lead?


Patriotsy2k said...

Never in baseketall, bartcop. The Nuggets almost did it to the Jazz in '94, yet lost a close game 6 which would have forced a game 7.
Agree about Pierce, he was amazing last nite. He spread the rock around, and Doc Rivers even let the rookies play. Haven't watched much of the Celts this year cause I ddint buy the NBA package, so I missed out on Al Jefferson and Tony Allen. Who is Delonte West and where did they get him from?

Alan said...

The post about a team being up 3-0 was supposed to be a reminder of the Yanks choke; it wasn't really a question.

Delonte was one of there three 1st round draft picks. He's out of St. Joe's, was hurt for the first half of the season and showed some talent late in the season. Great shooter and a smart passer, many say he will be a very good pro.

Patriotsy2k said...

I think we all forgot about the Blazers 2 years ago in '03. They took the 1st round series to 7 after trailing Dallas 0-3. I believe that was the last time the Blazers made the playoffs.
Bartcop had an article 2 months ago, declaring that Sacramento's run was over. I respectfully disagreed with callng what the Kings did "a run". Look at Portland's record and playoff performances between 1990 and 2000. Sure, they didnt win a title, but I would definately call them a formidable team.