Thursday, May 19, 2005

Steroid Publicity Tour

This whole thing reminds me of the, "War on Drugs." A bunch of politicians grandstanding, making tougher and tougher laws, and letting the world know that they're against drugs. The result of all this: a bunch of Americans are addicted to drugs and no progress is made in actually treating the drug problem.

I'm getting too political, but this is related to the steroid hearings. Right now Bud Selig and congress are patting each other on their backs because they're pushing for tougher and tougher rules. I think as it stands now, if an athlete gets caught with steroids in his system, he needs to spend 20 years in jail watching WNBA games.

I'm pretty sure this hasn't been acknowledged by a politician: there are steroids out there that are undetectable. The ones that get caught are the ones that can't afford the undetectable steroids, or they just don't know better.

Athletes will keep using steroids, and politicians will keep pontificating about this "issue." It's a good thing this country is in such good shape that Congress can just concentrate on sports.

Couldn't resist this Brushback article: MLS Commissioner invited to steroid hearings out of politeness

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Patriotsy2k said...

Where's good ole Nancy Reagan when you need her??