Saturday, May 14, 2005

Rick Carlisle sounding defensive

This is from ESPN's Michael Smith, a good NFL writer, not a good NBA Writer.

As he said "fight through," Carlisle slammed his right hand on the podium for emphasis. "You must be steadfast in your abstention from falsehood," Carlisle continued. "That's a simple way of saying don't kid yourself. The truth is the truth. We're holding on for dear life, really, all this season, and we have to hear about how the officials blew the game. C'mon! Seriously. I disagree. I think it's ridiculous. Not with the way both teams played."

This sounds like a coach who's tired of hearing people complain about officials favorable treatment towards Indiana. The truth hurts.

Meanwhile, Michael Smith demonstrates what's wrong with the NBA and the people who cover it with this:

Did Brown honestly expect the officials to hit Miller with a charge in the final seconds of what could be one of his last games? I like Hunter a lot, but let's keep it real -- we're talking about Lindsey Hunter. Reggie Miller. Lindsey Hunter.

Silly me, I thought we were talking about two NBA players who play by the same rules.


Kris in Key West said...

I thought it was a good no call in that situation. Does anyone agree with me?

Alan said...

I actually agree with you. Hunter did flop. I just don't like the idea that Hunter might not have gotten the call because of he is and who Reggie Miller is.

Kris in Key West said...

The NBA has always had that star system in place and it sucks. My reasoning was always that Michael Jordan is so good, he doesent have to get all the calls as well.