Saturday, May 14, 2005

World Baseball Classic

I'm really excited about this. If soccer and hockey can have World Cups, why not baseball? I love the idea of Ichiro and Matsui playing with other Japanese players against Americans, I want to see if any team can beat the Dominican Republic, and I want to see how good the Cubans are.

There are some concerns, specifically injuries. This is from USA Today:

Picture this: Randy Johnson starts for the USA, injures his left arm and is finished for the season. That is the type of risk this tournament provides.

I'm liking the idea of this tournament even more!


Kris in Key West said...

The Baseball Classic has been in the works for years and it will be great. Injuries are a concern but it's the risk you take when you play for your country. By the way, the Key West Conchs are one win away from the Final Four in high school baseball. Not a bad crowd on Friday, 2100 people.

Louis S. said...

Baseball plays a redidulous 162 + game season and these old farts are going to complain about a few players playing an additional 2 to 7 or so games? remember teams will get disqualified as the tournaent plays out and the players can go home. ONly 2 teams will play till the end.

Its time also to change the WORLD SERIES name which is absurd.

Anonymous said...

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