Monday, May 30, 2005

Never Move

I still don't have web access at the new Bartcop Sports Headquarters, so I'm posting this from a remote secret location. Along with not having the internet, I haven't had television, so don't expect any great insights in this weekends' games. For the next week, my postings will continue to be sporadic. Hopefully by next weekend I'll be posting in full force. Here's some thoughts for you to ponder through the week as you anticipate my next post.
  • It's one thing for Dwyane Wade to destroy the Wizzards defense, but for him to put up 40 and then 36 against a very good Detroit defense is remarkable.
  • Shaq said, "This is the best team I've been on my whole career." At first, I thought this was just Shaq exaggerating or insulting Kobe, but looking at Shaq's past Lakers teams and how good Wade is, he might be right.
  • Another Shaq quote that needs no additional comments: "I'm just getting better and better. It is just like a bunch of worker bees protecting the king bee. I'm not a queen bee. I'm a king bee. Once I get it back going, it's going to be fun."
  • It's good to see that no matter how hot the Yankees get throughout the year, they can't avoid the fact that their pitching does not matchup well with the Red Sox lineup.
  • So AC Milan was up 3-0 at halftime and went on to lose to Liverpool. Should we call them the AC Milan Yankees?
  • Speaking of soccer, Kris from Key West without a computer for a long time? Should we even guess why? My guess is he signed a contract with the Mongolian Professional Soccer League.
  • Godfather dreams of running 5 miles and Patriotsy2k dreams of marrying Eva Longoria. Advantage Patriotsy2k.
  • If the Colts used U-Haul instead of Mayflower for their move to Indianapolis, they'd still be playing in Baltimore.
  • A Memorial Day Weekend fact: 90% of automobiles pulling boats are driven by shirtless guys with goatees and shades.


Kris in Key West said...

Much like the Red Sox of last year, I think Liverpool made an historic comeback and the best team won. You have to love the Heat. Being from Milwaukee I have always been a Marquette Warriors fan,( yes, it will always be the Warriors.) When we made it to the Final Four, I was like, how did we get there? After watching what D-Wade has become, it's like, how could we not get there.

Patriotsy2k said...

As much as I like Wade and Shaq, I hope the Heat choke and exit out of the playoffs. This way I dont have to hear about them from all of the new basketball fans down here.
The most recent Shaq comment deserves recognition. when asked how he was able to shoot FT's so well lately, he said "the thigh bone isn't connected to the free throw bone".